Embryo Transfer Charges

2024 Charges

** Please note our Full Terms and Conditions **

Veterinary Package Fees

  • AI/ET Fresh & Chilled Semen: £275 (+ VAT) per AI cycle
  • AI/ET Frozen Semen: £400 (+ VAT) per AI cycle
  • Synchronisation of Recipient mares for ET: £300 (+ VAT) per AI cycle. Recipients may be maiden or barren mares
  • Embryo Transfer flush & search: £300 (+ VAT) per flush
  • Non-surgical transfer to recipient mare: £190 (+ VAT) per transfer
  • ET Recipient Loan Mare Hire: £2220 (+ VAT) for 18 months (or until foal is weaned)
  • ICSI / OPU: Details on application
  • Fetal Sexing Scan: £75 (+ VAT) at 60 to 65 days pregnant

In Foal Fee:

AI Mares : £165 (+ VAT)
ET Recipient Mares: £240  (+ VAT)

Foaling Fee:

£415 (+ VAT) (Mares must be booked in in advance)

Veterinary Contract

Mares will be accepted at an ‘all in package’ to cover routine veterinary reproduction work at Twemlows Stud Farm. Routine includes reproduction scans, call out, drugs and one PD scan at 15 days, a PD  scan at 28/30 days and a PD at about 42 days; it does not include swabs, twinning, caslicks, lavage etc and the treatment of mares with endometritis and other non routine matters, which if relevant are invoiced separately.

All mares that have been inseminated need to have pregnancy scans at 14 days and 28/30 days to confirm a single viable and healthy pregnancy; if mares leave the stud before the pregnancy scan it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for this to be carried out.

Charges for a range of miscellaneous items, such as passporting/microchipping, farriery work, worming and any veterinary call-outs are available on request.

Boarding Fee:

£9.60 per day at grass (+ VAT)
£25.45 per day stabled (+ VAT)
£36.75 per day stabled (+ VAT) when requiring an individual paddock and/or the horse walker.

+ £2.60 per day for mares with foal at foot (+ VAT)

Long term boarders & over winter rates available on application

All fees must be paid before the mares leave the stud.

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