Embryo Transfer Scholarships

Twemlows Stud Farm offers Embryo Transfer Scholarships Recipient Mare 'Pippa' with Carrara's Embryo Transfer foal by Totilasto the highest placed British bred or domiciled mare in Show Jumping and Three-Day Eventing

The objective of the scholarship is to encourage owners to compete mares at the highest level; the best to be bred from while they are still competing and at their optimum breeding age, without interrupting their competition career.



  • Twemlows Burghley Scholarship

    • Offered to the highest placed British bred or domiciled mare competing at Burghley Horse Trials. To be eligible for the award the mare must finish in the top 20 at the competition and the scholarship to be taken up within 12 months of it being awarded.
  • Twemlows British Showjumping Scholarship

    • Offered to the highest placed British bred or domiciled mare in the British Showjumping Horse Rankings for the previous calendar year. The scholarship to be taken up within 12 months of it being awarded.

Previous Winners:

Twemlows Burghley Scholarship:

  • Vanir Kamira (2017) ridden by Piggy French 
  • Classic Moet (2016) ridden by Jonelle Price
  • Classic Moet (2015) ridden by Jonelle Price
  • Briarlands Matilda (2014) ridden by Izzy Taylor
  • Paulank Brockagh (2013) ridden by Sam Griffiths
  • Briarlands Matilda (2012) ridden by Izzy Taylor
  • Kings Temptress (2011) ridden by Mary King
  • Be My Guest (2010) ridden by Clayton Fredericks
  • Kings Temptress (2009) ridden by Mary King
  • Little Tiger (2008) ridden by Phoebe Buckley
  • Headley Britannia (2006) ridden by Lucinda Fredericks

Twemlows British Showjumping Scholarship:

  • Cella (2014) ridden by Ben Maher
  • Ursula XII (2013) ridden by Scott Brash 
  • Teirra III (2012) ridden by Laura Kraut
  • Dazzel II (2011) ridden by John Whitaker
  • Tinka’s Serenade (2010) ridden by Billy Twomey
  • Limelight De Breve (2009) ridden by Laura Renwick
  • Insul Tech Wonami Van Den Aard (2008) ridden by Michael Whitaker
  • Fresh Direct Corlato (2007) ridden by Tim Stockdale

Twemlows Bolesworth Scholarship:

  • Ashdale Luxara (2014) ridden by Anthony Condon
  • Wish (2013) ridden by Laura Kraut
  • Little Lefanie (2012) ridden by Geoff Luckett
  • Little Lefaine (2011) ridden by Geoff Luckett
  • Charlett (2010) ridden by Thomas Whitaker
  • Soliegette (2009) ridden by Vicky Tulloch