Synchronised Recipient Mare Hire Charges 2024


Synchronisation of Recipient Mares:  

  • £300 (+ VAT) per AI cycle. (Recipients may be maiden or barren mares)

Recipient mares will be synchronised per donor mare for each AI cycle.  Synchronisation is charged regardless of whether the embryo flush yields an embryo or not.

Embryo flush & search:

  • £300 (+ VAT) per flush (If the embryo flush is performed at Twemlows Hall)

Non-surgical transfer to recipient:  

  • £190 (+ VAT) per transfer

In Foal Fee:

  • £240 (+ VAT) For all recipient mares scanned in foal to ET


The ‘in foal fee’ includes all the handling associated with the veterinary work of the recipient mares plus additional drugs, scanning and after care of the recipient mare.  If a recipient mare leaves before being scanned it will be assumed that she is in foal and the fee will be payable before she leaves the stud.  If subsequently she is found to be not in foal before October 1st and confirmed by a vet’s certificate, the in foal fee will be refunded.

All in foal recipient mares need to have a 28/30 day and 42 day PD scan to confirm a single viable and healthy pregnancy; if mares leave the stud before the heart beat scan it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for this to be carried out.

Costs incurred relating to the keep of pregnant recipients kept at Twemlows Stud Farm until the 42 day pregnancy scan remain the responsibility of Twemlows Stud up to that date.  After this the donor mare owner becomes fully responsible for keep and other charges of their recipient(s).

ET Recipient Loan Mare hire:  £2100 (+ VAT) for 18 months (until foal is weaned)


Charges for a range of miscellaneous items, which will not apply to all mares, are available on request.

All fees must be paid in full  either by the veterinary practice or the donor mare owner before the mares leave the stud.

Mare owners who send a third party to collect their mare must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection.