Foaling The Mare Webinars

A series of three webinars designed to give background knowledge & understanding of foaling the mare.

Lecture panel : Dr Jonathan Pycock MRCVS, Dr Monica Morganti MRCVS, Rebecca Keating MRCVS and Nikee Hudson (Stud Manager, Twemlows Stud Farm).

Monday 15th March 2021  7pm – 9pm

  • Preparation for a safe foaling
  • Complications of late pregnancy and Inducing the mare

Monday 22nd March 2021  7pm – 9pm

  • Signs of foaling including use of Foaling Alarms
  • Normal foaling in the mare and Placenta
  • The orphan foal and adoption
  • Foaling hints and Tips: Stud Manager’s experience

Monday 29th March 2021  7pm – 9pm

  • How to recognise when something is going wrong & what to do
  • Practical examination of the placenta + foaling kit contents
  • Newborn foal examination

Purchase full Foaling The Mare course notes for £40 (inc. VAT & postage)

Over 100 pages of notes & power points to keep from the webinars .
A useful folder of information to refer to at a later date.

Purchase a Foaling Kit for £50 (inc. VAT & postage)

Foaling kit contents:               A foaling kit bag            1 Enema

1 black bag for the placenta   1 pair of scissors            1 Vetwrap

1 pair of long sleeve gloves    1 small towel                   1 Umbilical clamp

1 tube of Glide lubricant        2 Umbilical dips             1 bottle and teat

1 Protexin Quick Fix      1m string for tying up the placenta

1 information card for contact numbers you may need in an emergency.

1 contents card with tips on other item you may wish to purchase

*Purchase the Foaling Kit and Course Folder for £80 (inc. VAT & postage)*


These webinars are free you join.

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