Foaling The Mare Courses

A one-day course designed to give background knowledge & understanding of foaling the mare


Course date:  16th March 2024


  • Preparation for a safe foaling
  • Complications of late pregnancy
  • Signs of foaling including use of Foaling Alarms
  • Inducing the mare
  • Normal foaling in the mare
  • How to recognise when something is going wrong & what to do
  • Examination of the placenta
  • Newborn foal examination
  • The orphan foal and adoption


These courses, designed for large & small breeders, are delivered by experienced veterinary surgeons and other Equine Reproduction & Stud specialists.


Course notes will be provided and there will be refreshments (including a buffet lunch) available throughout the day.


The day starts at 9.00am with coffee and registration with lectures beginning at 9.15am. The course will aim to finish at 16.45pm with a tour of the facilities.


Lecture panel includes: Dr Jonathan Pycock MRCVS, Dr Monica Morganti MRCVS,  Nikee Hudson (Stud Manager, Twemlows Stud Farm) and Feed Specialists.

Course Fee: £165 inc VAT

 £295 including VAT when booking both our Foaling The Mare and Foal & Yearling Management courses


For further details please contact Sam on 01948 664966 or email: