WebLeC: Caring For Your Pregnant Mare

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WebLeC: Caring For Your Pregnant Mare

TheLast Lap: Caring For Your Mare In The

Second Half Of Pregnancy 

Thursday 20th September 2012
7.30 – 8.30 pm

In partnership with WebLeC Online Education, Twemlows Stud Farm will be supporting the first in a series of live online interactive lectures.  WebLeC is currently having great success with online lectures for equine vets. 

The lecture will cover

  • The October pregnancy check
  • Signs to look for that may indicate a problem
  • Feeding, parasite control & vaccinations
  • Stitched mares
  • The final two weeks of pregnancy
  • Foaling box design
  • Question & Answer session

With Dr. Jonathon Pycock B.Vet.Med., Ph.D., D.E.S.M, MRCVS lecturing, this is a rare chance to have access to an internationally recognised expert in equine reproduction and pose YOUR questions.

Dr Pycock was a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, 1983 from where he also obtained his PhD in 1988 for his thesis on “Breeding Problems In The Mare”.  He was then in private equine practice for six years, working in the UK during the breeding season before heading to the southern hemisphere for the breeding season ‘down under’.

In 1994 he took a position as Associate Professor of Equine Reproduction at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  Whilst there he developed a special interest in artificial insemination with both chilled and frozen semen and assisted reproductive techniques such as embryo transfer and IVF.
He was awarded his Diploma in Equine Stud Medicine in 1994 and in 1995 became an RCVS recognised specialist in Equine Reproduction.  He returned to the UK in January 1997 to set up Equine Reproductive Services, a first opinion and referral private equine veterinary practice based in Yorkshire.

He has published many papers and book chapters on a variety of equine reproductive topics and edited the book “Equine Reproduction and Stud Medicine”.  He has lectured at meetings and given courses all over the world to both veterinary surgeons and breeders.  He has been Chairman of the AI Committee of the British Equine Veterinary Association.

Finding the time to attend courses can be difficult, WebLeC is an ideal way to keep you upto date, without incuring the extra costs of travel and accommodation.
You can view the lectures and interact with the speakers from the comfort of your own home; all you require is a computer, broadband connection and speakers or headphones.

Introductory offer – FREE OF CHARGE 

Future lectures costs will be determined and charged accordingally, there is normally a fee of £20 + VAT.

To book a place visit the website below and register your details http://bit.ly/pregnantmare

You are able to view previous lectures at a cost by visiting  http://www.ledstonequine.co.uk/weblec_lectures/


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