EquiCord: Horses with a Repair Kit

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EquiCord: Horses with a Repair Kit

Musculoskeletal system injuries in competition horses are serious and expensive and may compromise the sporting future of your horse.

Thanks to EquiCord you can cure, prevent and fight musculoskeletal injuries effectively through the use of stem cells. Stem cells are effective for many equine problems such as suspensory ligament injuries, tendon injuries, joint problems, skin injuries, and laminitis.

EquiCord is the only European laboratory that works with the body’s highest quality stem cell source, the Umbilical Cord.

Preserving stem cells from the umbilical cord has many advantages such as:

  • Non-invasive tissue removal
  • Immediate cell availability in case of injury
  • Cells of the highest quality
  • Cells for the horse’s ENTIRE sporting life
  • Foal price revaluation in the event of future sale

EquiCord’s process is very simple – you just need to contact our exclusive UK distributor, apply for our patented extraction kit at least 1 month before the foal’s expected date of birth. Once the foal is born, follow the simple instructions on the kit. Once the kit is ready, the courier company will transport the umbilical cord to EquiCord’s facilities where our cultivation process begins.

EquiCord will cryopreserve the stemm cell doses until the owner of the cells requests them; they are then immediately shipped to their veterinarian.

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