Transported Embryo Service

Synchronised Recipient Mare Hire for Embryo Transfer Programmes

Embryo transfer is the 21st Century breeding technology that enables owners to breed from their genetically superior competition mares without interrupting their careers.  ET may also be used for mares that are incapable of carrying their own imag0130pregnancy or to shorten the generation interval by breeding from 2 and 3 year old fillies.

Embryo transfer is gaining popularity all over the country – choosing a recipient mare is critical to any embryo transfer programme.

Twemlows Stud Farm offers:

  • A large number of reproductively sound young mares in different sizes providing you with a well synchronised recipient mare for your client (please contact us before you start the donor mare’s ET programme)
  • All our recipient mares are EVA and Strangles blood tested, Influenza and Tetanus vaccinated, wormed and have regular farrier and dental check ups
  • Recipient mares are under lights from December to accelerate the onset of the breeding season, therefore we can provide you with cycling mares from February.


Using recipient mares provided by Twemlows Stud is beneficial for your practice because:

  • You don’t have to source, keep and maintain recipient mares
  • You don’t have to spend valuable time during the already busy breeding season screening suitable recipient mares, relieving the stress of not having the right recipient mare when needed
  • You are still very much involved with your client


With this service you prepare the donor mare and recover the embryo.  This is then packaged and chilled in an equitainer for transport to Twemlows Stud Farm. On arrival, we will perform the non surgical transfer into a well synchronised recipient mare.  Alternatively you prepare the donor mare and then send her to Twemlows Stud for flushing.

Success rates using transported chilled embryos are comparable to those obtained where embryos are transferred immediately after collection; the popularity of this procedure is increasing dramatically. The quality of the embryo at the time of collection and the correct handling/shipping of the embryo will affect the pregnancy rates, and this should be taken into consideration when analyzing the success rates for shipped embryos.

If we can help to make the “transported embryo service” work with your practice please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.