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In 2006 when we were launching our Embryo Transfer (ET) service, we felt it was a good opportunity to publicise the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) slogan “Breeding from the Best to Produce the Best”. The problem with breeding from top competition mares is that when they are at their optimum age for breeding, they are required to fulfil a competitive career which cannot accommodate carrying or nurturing a foal. ET was the way forward and in order to publicise this we launched a series of scholarships for mares to breed during their competitive career at very little cost other than the stud fee.

Our first “Scholar” was Headley Britannia who won Burghley in 2006. The day after she won Badminton the following year she was here for AI to the stallion, Jaguar Mail, which along with a subsequent visit resulted in the birth in 2008 of two foals. They were  born during her build up to winning a silver medal at the Hong Kong Olympics the same year.

Subsequently Little Tiger (2008) and King’s Temptress (2009) have won scholarships at Burghley Horse Trials and been guests at    Twemlows Hall. This year it was the turn of Be My Guest II, ridden by Clayton Fredericks to win the award in September.

For showjumping, based on the year end BSJA National Rankings, Fresh Direct Corlato ridden by Tim Stockdale (2007), Insul Tech Wonami Van Den Aard ridden by Michael Whitaker (2008) and Limelight De Breve ridden by Laura Renwick (2009) have all won two embryo scholarships each.

We were very keen to support a brave new and local initiative on the showjumping scene, Bolesworth Show Jumping Classic in Cheshire. We introduced a single embryo scholarship there in 2009  which was won by Soliegette ridden by Vicky Tulloch and this year it was won by Charlett ridden by Thomas Whitaker.

As the progeny grow we are going to have many horses to follow and it is going to be fascinating to see just how successful one can be   when breeding from the Best to produce the Best.

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